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Buildbot Matrix Plugin

PyPI version

This Plugin for buildbot adds a reporter which sends notifications to a specified matrix room.

Inspired by buildbot-gitea by lab132.


pip install buildbot-matrix

This installs itself into buildbot, no extra imports required.


Matrix Bot

  • Create a new Matrix user which will be used to send notifications.
  • Set a meaningful display name for the user. For Example Buildbot Notifications
  • Get an access token for this user.
  • Add the user to the room you want the notifications to be in.


  • Add this to the buildbot configuration:

c['services'] = [
  • Change the URL of the homeserver to the homeserver you want to use.
  • Replace BOT_ACCESS_TOKEN with the acces token of the matrix user, this can be a buildbot secret.
  • Replace ROOM_ID with the id of the matrix room the bot should send the notifications to. Replace the ! at the beginning with %21.


You can modify the notifications by changing the following parameters:

Parameter Description Default
startDescription Short description when a build started Build started.
endDescription Short description when a build ended Build done.
context Identifier to give messages a context Interpolate('buildbot/%(prop:buildername)s')
context_pr Identifier to give messages a context, used on pull requests Interpolate('buildbot/pull_request/%(prop:buildername)s')
warningAsSuccess Treat warnings as build success False
onlyEndState Only send a message if a build has ended False